Durable Macho Man Sunglasses from Pit Viper

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The Pit Viper are a cool pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, wind and dust. The large frame, mirror lenses, and reach-around earpieces make them too cool for school. Besides, the lenses of blue Pit Vipers are also float-resistant so you can wear them on the water.

Various Colors of Pit Viper Frames

The are available in a variety of colors so that you can choose the ones that fit your personality. As a result, they are ideal for boats, downhill skiing, or fishing. In addition, they are also fashionable and high-performing. The frames and lenses of these are adjustable, and their anti-reflective coatings help prevent glare.

Purple Pit Viper sunglasses are able to cover all angles and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They feature a polycarbonate lens that helps keep your eyes cool. Besides, the frames are adjustable and come in single or double-wide styles. They are 5.66 inches in length and cost $69.

Pit Viper Lenses for Outdoor Sports

The brand Pit Viper was started in 2012 by Chris Garcin and Chuck Mumford. Both men had spent time competing in extreme sports. Chuck invented durable shades such as . As a result, these sunglasses Viper are popular for outdoor sports.

The sunglasses are a great choice for outdoor sports and activities. They offer 100% UV protection and are using polycarbonate lenses. Additionally, the lenses are 1.2 mm thick for optimum protection. These also feature Full Turbo Vision for superior definition and contrast. You’ll love the fact that these macho man sunglasses fit a variety of faces.

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Unique Design of Pit

When choosing a pair of Pit Viper macho man sunglasses, it’s important to choose the style that best suits your face. Choose a style that complements your face shape, and choose the correct lens type. The black pair will match any workout clothing and turn heads.

Pit Viper Miami Nights have a unique style and design. These macho man sunglasses are able to withstand being shot at, shoved in pockets, and even run over. The company’s website intentionally looks like it’s from the ’90s and attracts a very specific demographic.

Pit Viper macho man sunglasses have a very unique style and design. Therefore, they are suitable for many activities including baseball, cycling, and football. These are very comfortable and protect your eyes from harmful rays from the sun. The frames fit comfortably on your face and will not fall off your face if you’re in an accident. They’re a great choice for anyone who loves style and protection from the sun.