Pit Viper Ski Goggles for Winter Snow Sports

June 10, 2022 By Vickey Off
ski goggles Pit Viper

If you are looking for a durable pair of sunglasses that look good, you might want to check out the . These unique sunglasses can withstand the rigors of winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. They also protect your eyes from harsh sunlight, dust, and little bugs. Moreover, the sunglasses are not only durable – they also look stylish.

Polarized Sunglasses from Pit Viper

These Pit Viper ski goggles feature a polarized lens that protects your eyes and eliminates annoying sunlight reflections. As a result, you can see clearer and with more definition on different surfaces thanks to the full UV protection from clear Pit Vipers. This makes Pit Viper sunglasses baseball style an excellent choice for those who love winter sports and have small faces. But before you buy one, you should know that Pit Viper has several .

Comfortable Sunglasses

The is another great option if you’re looking for a pair of goggles that fit comfortably and easily. They come with rubber straps that make them easy to clean. The heightened nose bridge of this model keeps your eyes from glare and wind. Moreover, you can also adjust the nose piece easily. This 1993 Pit Vipers model is also comfortable for beginners and provides maximum protection for your eyes.

Great UV Rays Protection

If you’re looking for something stylish but still offers full UV protection, you’ll love the . These shades are using poly carbonate lenses and come with extendable cords that you can attach to the stems for easy removal and storage. Besides, you can take off the lenses easily, too, if you happen to forget to put them on.

clear frame sunglasses

Choose the Right Size of Pit Viper Sunglasses for You

vs regular, which one is better? When you purchase a pair of Pit Viper ski goggles, you should consider your prescription. They can be customized for your vision. Some goggles are using prescription lenses, which will keep the sunglasses from pushing into your face or pressing into your temples. The price of Pit Vipers Miami Nights is affordable, and they are durable. The downside to prescription ski goggles is that they tend to fog up and reduce peripheral vision. The upside of wearing prescription goggles is that they can be easily swapped between skiing glasses and goggles.

Pit Viper Sunglasses Social Media Campaign

The marketing campaign for Pit Vipers is wildly successful. Featuring mullet-wearing, denim-clad, beer-sipping men and women, the brand has risen from an underground ski bum selling shades in his van to a multimillion dollar company with 70 employees and over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space. Its product line has grown from two years ago to include sunglasses, goggles, and even solar shades.

High-tech Pit with Athletes

In March, Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and football personality, joined the Experts Only Pro Team. During his visit to Pit Viper’s headquarters in Tampa, Gronkowski and his family wore sunglasses as they skied in jeans, partying in rooftop hot tubs, and soaking in the sun with his father and brother.